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Making structural changes to your North London home can totally transform the amount of living space you have and the feel of your home and increase its value dramatically. Whether it’s simple changes to the layout, such as removing a partition wall or building an extension for extra room, we know that it can feel a little daunting, but when done right, it can also give you the home of your dreams for years to come.

Loft Conversions

For homeowners who need additional living space, the loft often offers the perfect solution. Since lofts tend to span the length of your home, they can provide enough space for multiple rooms, including offices, games rooms, home cinemas, bedrooms and bathrooms.

A loft conversion is often used as a cost-friendly alternative to moving house. For most homeowners, the loft is used for storage of anything that you don’t need regular access to, such as boxes, suitcases and old furniture. However, many lofts, when converted, have enough room for a large master bedroom with an additional en-suite bathroom, which means that it is certainly worth using it to create more living space. Often a storage area can be incorporated, meaning you don’t have to part ways with all of the possessions you had in your loft.

If you have an ever-growing family, your loft could be perfect as a playroom. You may want to consider fitting the room with different types of storage so that you can keep the rest of the home clutter-free, and all the toys and games can be stored in one place out of sight. As your children get older, the room can be altered again. So that when they reach their teenage years, you could consider making a study area, games and chill space or home cinema.

As with any renovation, there are some important points to consider before you begin a loft conversion. Firstly, you'll need to make sure your home is structurally sound enough to support the added weight of additional rooms, which will need architectural expertise. Other considerations could include the installation of stairs for access, planning for any plumbing, and whether the loft has enough height from floor to ceiling.

Create an open-plan living space

Open plan living is increasingly popular for homeowners. Creating an open floor plan can add natural light, make your space feel bigger and is perfect for entertaining. It can also make your home more desirable and increase its value.

With the rise of technology and the increase in working hours, a lot of families need to spend more quality time together. Whereas closed-plan homes inhibit interaction, open-plan spaces combine some of the most important rooms in your home, creating a large space to enable you to connect and socialise. Open plan allows the whole family to be together while you’re cooking, eating, doing homework or relaxing.

Having fewer walls means your open-plan living space can be flooded with natural light all year round. Full-length windows and doors can be added to create even more light and the feel of more space, as can the addition of some skylights.

It may seem like knocking a wall or two down is as simple as that, but without the correct knowledge, you could end up removing a load-bearing wall and that would spell very bad news for your home. It’s also best to check with a professional builder when making any structural changes.

Add an extension

A house extension doesn’t have to be huge to give you a lot more living space. One of the most popular types of extension is a rear extension, usually adjacent to the kitchen, which often is a room that homeowners find they need extra space.

For homes with large gardens or unused space on the sides of their home, an extension is a perfect choice to increase space. If you have spare outdoor space, then an extension can be perfect to increase room sizes or provide you with an extra room or two. This is the perfect solution for staying in your current home and remaining in the same location as well as providing you with extra internal square footage while ensuring you’re not sacrificing too much outside space.

Another popular way to extend your home is the addition of a conservatory or sunroom. Most people will opt for this if they want an occasional use room that can be closed when not being used. This can be a great way to add a dining room, for example.

Transform your bathroom

Often homeowners find that their bathroom configuration doesn’t suit them or their needs. Remodelling your bathroom can create additional space and mean that your bathroom works for you and your lifestyle.

Whether creating a spa-like bathroom or a multi-use wet room, a bathroom renovation can make a huge difference. It’s important to note that when changing the position of bathroom items such as sinks and toilets, some plumbing work will be necessary and should be completed by a professional.

By renovating or updating your bathroom, you can create a space to be proud of and a space you want to spend time in. Somewhere you spend a lot of time in is certainly a space you should invest your money in. Bathroom products which are now available mean it’s easy to create a spa environment right in your own home. Perhaps adding powerful bath jets, a corner bath to save floor space, luxurious whirlpool baths or even stunning tiles, there are so many ways you can bring a touch of opulence into your bathroom.

When remodelling your bathroom, you’ll be able to incorporate any storage you might need from the outset. The addition of a wall-hung cupboard, for example, can provide enough storage without taking up valuable floor space.

Renovating your bathroom may cost initially; however, the long-term financial benefits can be huge. Updating the technology and functionality of your bathroom can save you a lot on energy costs. Over time this can balance out the cost of the renovation. There is a great range of water-saving products available, from a dual flush system for toilets to energy-efficient showers and taps, which help to not use too much water. Modern heated towel rails have thermostatic controls, which allow you to control the amount of heat for different times of the day or even year. Not only will you save on energy costs, but you will also have a more functional, reliable bathroom.

Remodel your kitchen

We spend a lot of time in our kitchens, and they should be places we enjoy being in. Cramped kitchens are no fun for cooking in, nor are those which have a layout that simply doesn’t work. Sometimes renovating your kitchen can mean retiling or changing the cupboard doors, which is relatively simple; however, a complete remodel can give you extra space you didn’t know you had.

Remodelling your kitchen also gives you the opportunity to update features to make them more functional. For example, if you’re currently using the appliances that came with the house, you might find yourself struggling with cookers and dishwashers that simply don’t work as you’d like them to, especially if they’re old. You might also not have the most functional layout of your appliances which makes it harder to efficiently cook a meal for instance. While remodelling your kitchen, it is the perfect time to install new, more functional appliances that perform as they should and allow you to do things as you prefer. Updating appliances doesn’t only make life easier while cooking; more energy-efficient models can help reduce energy consumption and save you hundreds a year in electricity costs.

When you remodel your kitchen, you can tailor your new room to get exactly the space you’ve always wanted. If you’d like to install an island for preparation and additional functionality, work with your builder to see how it can be included; even fairly small kitchens can often incorporate some kind of island. Communication with your contractor is key to making sure you get exactly what you want and need.

If you’re thinking of transforming your home in any way and are in the North London area, contact us for professional, friendly advice or a free, fully transparent quote. Either get in touch online, give us a call on +44 (0)203 488 0172 or drop us an email at

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