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Updated: May 30, 2022

Right from the planning stage, a project manager (PM) is vital to ensure a successful construction project. Project managers are responsible for the planning, monitoring, control, execution and closure. PMs also ensure budgets and timeframes are met. A good client relationship is vital to the project management process. We provide a dedicated point of contact at all times throughout your project. Got a project in mind? Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help.

Working With Your Project Manager

Your dedicated project manager will be in constant contact with you throughout your project. They will visit the site at least once per week and usually try to arrange a client visit at the same time. As well as these weekly visits we will converse with you over the phone or via email where needed. This level of communication ensures the best efficiency of your construction team.

During the site visits, the project manager will address the works which have been carried out and sign off the payment process. We make sure payments are up to date for any work that has been delivered. We then set a plan for the week ahead including lead times as well as organising any materials or products that need to be ordered.

How Does Working with A Project Manager Make a Construction Project Easier?

Having a dedicated project manager will ensure your project runs smoothly, without delays. As a customer, it helps you feel confident that we are delivering the project as planned and makes you aware of key updates. It also helps to keep lead times with client-purchased items accurate, for instance, kitchens, flooring or glazing are all ordered and delivered at the correct time during the project. Additionally, it helps you feel confident when making payments as you’re updated consistently.

Who Does a Project Manager Work With?

As well as you, the client, we liaise with all subcontractors to ensure all information we are communicating is accurate. This is important to gauge accurate timeframes and deadlines and ensure they’re being adhered to. Having a project manager work with your subcontractors means they take away the stress of communicating with various tradespeople, instead allowing you to remain in control of the project with minimal effort.

Take a look at one of our latest projects, a house transformation in Hadley Wood, North London. Working with one of our business partners, we supported plastering, painting, kitchen fitting and tiling services.

Project Management North London

Construction project management is vital to all sizes of projects to prevent potential problems that could delay the project or cost more money. Your project manager calculates each design decision and analyses the impact that decision will have on the budget and schedule.

Our project management starts at the very beginning of your construction project meaning we are well placed to foresee and plan for any potential problems. We also have the experience and ability to find money and time saving opportunities without compromising quality or design.

For more information on how project management can help you, contact us either via our Contact form, email or call us on 0203 488 0172.

Project Management Planning and Organisation

Planning and organisation are the first steps in the project management process. This stage involves the creation of plans, processes and budgets as well as the ordering and management of materials and other resources. Your project manager will have a wealth of knowledge and experience within the construction industry. They have the know-how to ensure you’re getting the most from your budget and achieve the aesthetic you have in mind. They will also assist you in setting realistic goals and timescales.

Project Management During Construction

During the construction phase of your project, your PM will be closely involved to ensure there are no surprises. They will constantly monitor the progress, budget management and quality of the build. Your project manager will be able to anticipate and avoid any delays or unexpected costs. By working closely with both the client and any subcontractors we can ensure timely material ordering, lead times and correct sequencing of tradespeople.

One of the main roles of your project manager is troubleshooting. If they discover that the project isn’t on schedule or budgets are being stretched, they can communicate with all parties to make necessary adjustments and assist in keeping your project on track without any confrontation.

As your project manager brings your whole team together, including you, everyone knows exactly what is happening at every stage of construction and what is expected to happen next. Get in touch with us for a free quote or if you have any questions. You can schedule a 15-minute meeting by clicking here or contact us via our contact form, alternatively, give us a call on 0203 488 0172.

Project Management at The Closure of A Construction Project

The role of your project manager doesn't end at the completion of the construction. The support continues with contract closing, reviewing the completed works and supervising any snagging list items. They’ll ensure that any paperwork, warranties and certificates are accurate and, in your possession, should you need them.

The Benefits of Project Management During Construction

As we’ve seen above, the benefits of having a project manager are vast. Your PM will look after you every step of the way to make your construction project as easy as possible. When we look at the causes of possible delays it’s clear to see why having a project manager in place can be vital.

Causes of delays during construction according to

● The uniqueness of the project.

● Speed of decision making.

● Poor or unrealistic scheduling.

● Poor communication.

● Lack of information.

● Labour productivity.

● Availability of resources.

● Adversarial relationships.

● Third-party dependencies.

● Lack of finance.

● Availability of the site.

● Site conditions.

● Weather.

While your project manager of course can’t control something as unpredictable as the weather, they do have the knowledge and experience to adapt timescales and change the order of individual jobs to ensure work carries on albeit in a different direction. By being in constant communication with your whole team, they can work together to foresee and react to any potential delays or added costs, ensuring there is no impact on the completion date, compromise on quality or ever-increasing costs.

If you have a project in the pipeline, get in touch and find out how our expert team can help you achieve the best outcome. Schedule a meeting now.

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